A Hand-Crafted Approach

Every Home Tells A Story

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A Hand-Crafted Approach

Every home has a story to tell. Come on in, put your feet up and discover ours with the Townhouse Collection – a selection of scents created for the home that takes inspiration from scented scenes and celebrated moments within the Jo Malone London Townhouse. From lavender-fresh sheets on a Sunday morning to afternoon tea in the drawing room.

Comprised of six scents, the collection captures the unique mood of a particular room or occasion. From the welcoming Wild Berry & Bramble Statement Townhouse Candle to the warm notes of Golden Amber & Orange and Lilac Lavender & Lovage, perfectly placed in the bedroom to comfort and soothe.

Each candle and diffuser in the Townhouse Collection has been curated with the utmost care and consideration. From the meticulous science involved in the fragrance development to the creation of the elegant ceramic vessel; within these a bespoke formulation has been developed specially to balance the wax and fragrance for each new scent to diffuse and fill a room. To ensure the Townhouse Collection is rightfully the star of any shelf or coffee table, each piece is a lesson in precision and artistry; for instance, every element of our candles – from the hand-poured wax to the carefully selected cotton wick or the statement size – is a considered choice.

We emphasise a hand-crafted approach to ensure that every Townhouse scent is ‘just so’, meeting Jo Malone London’s exacting standards. And so, the designs of the earthenware candle vessels reference the finer details of Georgian architecture, from cornicing and columns to mantels and fireplaces. As a nod to the decadent textures seen in the most luxurious homes of Britain in the 1700s, all the classic size candle vessels in the collection have an unglazed ceramic finish; the intricate designs demand the gentlest of touches as each passes through eight stages of hand-made production.

This craft process begins with a special mould, which has been designed to shape and dry the candle vessels’ clay. Once removed from the mould, a damp sponge is used to apply texture and clean the ceramic surfaces, ensuring each piece is smooth and uniform in pattern before it enters the kiln for its first firing. This step complete, the inside of the ceramic candle vessels is then glazed, the decal lightly sanded to ensure the pure colour of the clay is at its best. A second (and final) firing then takes place, resulting in a textured bisque finish that is ready for its precious, scented contents to be poured.


Caring For Your Townhouse Candle

Handle with tender, loving care to get the best of your Townhouse candle: use the decorative lid as a snuffer and keep the wick trimmed to ¼ inch/ 6mm to minimise sooty marks. While it might seem like a faff, it’s all worth it when your luxurious candle remains as pristine, and burns as cleanly, as the first time you lit it.


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