February 18, 2020
Aromatic Astrology
Buckle up, Aries, because change is afoot and there are decisions that will await your keen eye. Influence comes to your sign from Jupiter, Pluto and Mars, while Venus in Capricorn signals a good time to open up to your partner (or find a new one, if currently unattached). It’s no good thinking you can hide away like a pretty little red hibiscus in the undergrowth expecting to just be admired for your good looks and succulent scent (although YES to both those exceptional qualities). You need to voice what’s on your mind and start to find solutions. This particular pairing of Venus and Capricorn also signals cheerful times ahead in your social life, where new and exceptionally amusing new strangers appear to be on your horizon. Time to start getting excited about Zoom again – you never know who might pop up and brighten your outlook. Might we suggest you bring a little of that spring-time optimism into your morning with a fresh, light spritz of Yellow Hibiscus Cologne – as bright and uplifting as a rising sun.

This particular pairing of Venus and Capricorn also
signals cheerful times ahead in your social life

For all your stubbornness, Taurus, we all know what a deeply committed romantic you are. One glance of a rose in bloom and you’re practically weeping with the dreaminess of it. This is sure to be because of the conjunction of Venus with Pluto, which is only adding fuel to the fires of your heart.  
Planetary activity around the middle of the month suggests you might want to explore the idea of studying something, Gemini. It could be a new language from a faraway land where myrrh trees grow. It could be your own reflection in the mirror. Or discovering the secret to a winning bath- Lime Basil & Mandarin Bath Oil.  Whatever it is, give it your best. 
With the Moon governing your sign at the moment, Cancer, you might want to turn your focus to finding ways to relinquish control and relax. We prescribe revitalising showers of Orange Blossom Body & Hand Wash in order that you may emerge sweeter and more fragrant than a Mediterranean wedding in summer. 
With Rahu in your tenth house, you are in a creative mood, Leo and it suits you. We encourage this sense of daring to start some unusual collaborations – be the Myrrh & Tonka of your workplace – magnetic, mysterious and extremely cool.
Uranus and Saturn have got their eye on you, Virgo and this suggests a potential windfall. You’re feeling as abundant as honeysuckle in summer and it is nothing short of essential that you fling a bit of that success your own way with an important ‘present for me’ shopping session. Might we suggest a Townhouse Collection Candle?
Old friends are really going to come through for you this month, Libra – and not just because of a transit through Aquarius. Like Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne, some pairings just stand the test of time. Prepare for a great deal of laughter exactly when you need it most. 
You’ve always been a curious soul, Scorpio, so the urge for change may come as welcome news to you this month. With Venus in Taurus from mid-April, you are thinking about shaking things up a little – and as we know, poppies grow in disrupted earth, so beautiful things can happen for those with a spirit of adventure.
Well, that’s handy. The Sun, Saturn AND Jupiter have all managed to position themselves very well for you, Sagittarius. This will leave you feeling effusive and captivating – like a sea of woodland bluebells bringing joy to all who stumble across them.  Match it with a spritz of Wild Bluebell Cologne
That sense of intuition you keep feeling, Capricorn? It’s Pluto in your sign, paving the way for opportunities. It may be that some point later in this year you find yourself in the heat of the tropics, inhaling the sweet, earthy scent of vetiver before you settle back for a beach-side doze (take us with you?)
Yes, Mars can sometimes stir the emotional pot a bit, Aquarius and you are quite right to feel like it’s time to bring a little more perspective into your world. Might we suggest a sturdy cup of Assam tea, phone switched to airplane mode, an English Pear & Freesia Home Candle and a lie down to start proceedings?  
Jupiter is in Scorpio for most of the year, Pisces and this means taking more time for yourself in whichever way that feels right to you – cooking, sleeping, exfoliating with Pomegranate Noir Exfoliating Shower Gel – any of the classic favourites.

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