Trysts, temptation and tantalising tuberose

In the quiet warmth of the night, the tuberose comes to life. It’s white, tubular flowers with their star-shaped tips, slowly unfurling along its elongated stem to release its hypnotic fragrance. Sensuous and seductive, the tuberose is the essence of midnight trysts between illicit lovers. Intoxicating love affairs that are impossible to resist, no matter how dangerous. This is the flower that is indelibly intertwined with forbidden pleasures of the most compelling kind.

Native to Mexico and Central America, and cultivated in India, (it is also known as the ‘hyacinth of India’), the tuberose was introduced to the Spaniards by the Aztecs, who used it to flavour their hot chocolate. This complex, heady little cousin of the narcissus found its way to Europe by the 1500s, becoming one of perfumery’s greatest muses during the following century.

Sensuous and seductive, the tuberose is the essence
of midnight trysts between illicit lovers

Highly sought-after and expensive, tuberose was beloved by French royalty. Queen Marie Antoinette wore a shimmering floral scent containing tuberose, and Louis XIV had the flowerbeds at Versailles filled with the flowers so the air was always strong with their fragrance. Sensitive Victorian ladies saw themselves in the delicate flower’s milky complexion and loved to sit among them in moon gardens.

In aromatherapy, the tuberose is believed to work as an aphrodisiac, easing the mind and relaxing the muscles. It was said that, in days gone by, unmarried girls were forbidden to go near fields where the tuberose grew, particularly after nightfall, in case it gave them thoughts of an entirely unsuitable and thrilling nature.

It’s quite clear that this mistress of temptation would need to meet her match, which is why we have paired her with the green spiciness of angelica and the sumptuous warmth of amberwood. Jo Malone London’s Tuberose Angelica is the stranger you inexplicably wanted to kiss in all their mystery, magic and mischief.

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