Darlingly Dark

Let’s take a journey into an imaginary world, full of woodland shadows and misty landscapes. An enchanting escape from the everyday. Introducing Bronze Wood & Leather, our new scent that celebrates rich and precious ingredients, and nudges you towards a mystical daydream world complete with cosy corners to explore.

As we know, good things come to those who wait… Perfumer Marie Salamagne and Céline Roux, Head of Global Fragrance at Jo Malone London, began experimenting with leather molecules seven years ago. Set on working with woody accords, Marie combined vetiver, sandalwood and cedarwood to create the heart note we have christened ‘bronze wood’. Experimentation with the leather molecules followed to make it just so and to add that Jo Malone London unexpected twist. ‘You can’t extract the olfactive from leather as you would a flower. So we created a completely new molecule for this cologne. It was strong and totally unique to Jo Malone London, with such a big character, and it’s never been done before.’ Together, the bronze wood and leather combine to create a scent that Marie describes as ‘sensual, seductive and intriguing. You want to go back and smell it again and again.’

The bronze wood and leather combine to create a scent that’s sensual, seductive and intriguing

Like all Jo Malone London fragrances Bronze Wood & Leather evolves and adapts wonderfully when it’s combined. ‘I love to pair it with Oud & Bergamot; it makes for a rich, warm scent that’s really alluring,’ Marie says. ‘Or Wood Sage & Sea Salt for a fresher scent enlivened with sea salt.’ While Céline opts to team it with Myrrh & Tonka Cologne – together they create an oriental, woody scent, an all-encompassing sensual combination.’

Worn alone or combined with another to create something truly personal, Bronze Wood & Leather is a remarkable and daring fragrance journey. Enjoy the adventure….

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