A Beautiful Combination

When Laura thinks of all the time she’s spent with Poppy since they met eight years ago on a mad French weekend, she doesn’t think of the shows they’ve done together or the parties they’ve been to, she thinks of late night taxi rides with ‘Poppy curled up in all her beauty, and me suddenly thinking “Oh, I don’t want to go home.”'
And when she thinks of Poppy, she thinks of ‘kindness’, like the time Laura was in LA with her children, Luc and Tiger, and Poppy organised a fun day out to a ranch. It’s a day Laura’s children still talk about five years later. As does Laura, though not because of the beautiful horses and the twirling lassos but because it showed how ‘intuitive Poppy is about how her girlfriends are all juggling their different worlds. And understanding that that day I was there with my children. ’

In fact, Poppy can do no wrong as far as Laura is concerned - she’ll remember birthdays (Myrrh & Tonka Cologne for Laura, please), she’ll somehow, without knowing, text you when you’re feeling down, and when she enters the room ‘you feel safe’. No wonder Laura feels ‘big sisterly’ towards her despite, as Laura hastens to add, Poppy already having ‘two of the most amazing sisters in the world.’ Fortunately for Laura, Poppy seems more than willing to have her as an honorary extra – after all, who wouldn’t?

That hair.
That sensational Rapunzel
hair that you can
sit on.

Poppy knew of model and Vogue Contributing Editor Laura long before they became bosom buddies one weekend in the south of France in 2009. And what is it that Poppy knew? ‘That hair. That sensational Rapunzel hair that you can sit on.’
Sadly, Poppy will never have that hair, because, as she says, hers never gets longer than her shoulders. Instead she’s built a firm friendship with Laura – which means that whenever they bump into one another it’s a perfect storm of scent with Poppy’s cloud of Tuberose Angelica combining with Laura’s favourite Myrrh & Tonka. ‘We grab onto each other for dear life, go sit in a café and stuff our faces with pasta, talking about things that are normal. We rely on each other for that.’
But this isn’t just about keeping each other grounded amid the manic mayhem of the fashion world. It’s also about laughter: good, old-fashioned silliness has always been part of the deal. Because, if we rewind back to that Cote d’Azur weekend in 2009, we will find them ‘playing 40-40 in the rain at four in the morning.’  No wonder they are, as Poppy says, lovingly, ‘friends for life,’ before adding, coyly, ‘That is, as long as she’ll have me.'

Tuberose Angelica and Myrrh & Tonka combine to create a sensuous white floral fragrance deep with precious resins.

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