Styling with Scent

Scent is the most sensorial way to create a first impression, and the slightest hint of a fragrance can trigger special memories of people, occasions and places. Uniquely atmospheric, scent has the ability to tell a story and transform a space. It can work in parallel with design choices to create certain moods for certain rooms. Here’s how some of our most knowledgeable friends in the world of interiors use scent in their homes…

Interior writer & stylist Dan Hull of Millergrey
Design aesthetic:
For Dan Hull bright and airy is key, with no better colour palette than white and grey. ‘I live in a Victorian house with many of the original features intact. So, when it came to decorating I wanted to make sure no details were lost so went with a completely white canvas.’ The result a carefully curated minimalist home celebrating the beauty of negative space.

Scents to create atmosphere: ‘I’m a huge believer in the importance of scent in the home. For me each room deserves its own scent depending on how and when you’ll be using it. A home is so much about how it feels and scent is the perfect tool for this.’

A welcome scent: ‘I like to be met by something familiar, so for me it’s a Lime Basil & Mandarin Diffuser placed in the hallway. It was my first experience of a Jo Malone London scent and I find it really comforting.’

Dinner Party Scent: ‘If I have people over for dinner I like to fill the table with a mixture of candles in different scents, so everyone gets a different blend and sizes, depending on where they’re sitting. I carry this through to my home. Basil & Neroli in the kitchen, Mimosa & Cardamom Home Candles in the living room- I might be based in Newcastle but I can drift off somewhere far more exotic with the right scent around!’

Swiss based interior maven & travel enthusiast Charles Legrand
Design aesthetic:
Traditional Geneva architecture meets grandeur of days gone by interplayed with modernist references are Charles’ design starting points. ‘Home for me is cosy but bright, we have big French windows overlooking a park. I tend to like a neutral colour palette, brightening it up with colourful paintings and gold details.’

Fragrance Combining for a living room: ‘My absolute favourite candle is Incense & Embers Home Candle, I like it’s elegance, it instantly elevates a room whilst being cosy. I combine it with Blackberry & Bay Home Candles as to me it creates a Spring-like scent. Then in the evenings I layer it with Pomegranate Noir Home Candles, together the two scents are mysterious and enveloping.”

Diffuser placement: ‘I like to use a diffuser on my desk in my study. The way diffusers distribute scent without being too intoxicating is exactly what I’m looking for when I’m working and concentrating.’

Bathroom Scent:English Pear & Freesia without a shadow of a doubt! I use it as a bath oil and a room spray, to me it’s the ultimate clean scent. My wife also always gives the candle jars a second life using them for makeup brushes and bathroom necessities.’

Uniquely atmospheric, scent has the ability
to tell a story and transform a space

American Tastemaker Luke Ditella
Design aesthetic:
When it comes to interiors Luke Ditella likes to experiment with eclectic eras and dark colour palettes. ‘We have recently done up our home and loved contrasting elements, from the grandeur of Marie Antoinette to the simplicity of Scandinavian furniture. Our home has a masculine feel to it because of the colour palette and rich textures we are drawn to.’

Kitchen Scent:Myrrh & Tonka Home Candles are my go-to for the kitchen as it blends well with cooking aromas and has the richness I’m drawn to.’

Scents to soothe: ‘Our whole home has been designed to feel like an escape and scent can add to this. I like to use a different scent for each room, mixing in florals. A diffuser is always on so is nice to have in the background to create a feeling of relaxation. Pomegranate Noir Diffuser is my fall-back scent.’

Candlelight: ‘I am such a candle person. The gentle light from a candle and the addition of an amazing scent can change an entire home. It creates instant atmosphere.’

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