Mad About The Bow

At Jo Malone London, we firmly believe in the magic of finishing touches. You’ve painstakingly selected the present, it’s beautifully boxed up, so wouldn’t it be a shame to fall at the final hurdle? Time to revel in the art of bow-tying. Take it from us, we’re big on bows…

No one quite knows when the humble bow took the leap from fashion accessory to present embellishment so, like many things, we’ll make the claim that it was the British who made it fashionable. In Victorian times, the upper echelons of society took huge pride in using elaborately decorated paper tied with ribbons and lace to adorn gifts for their loved ones.

Although scarce at the start of World War II, gift-wrap wasn’t initially rationed as the government believed that Christmas traditions like this helped boost morale. So it’s practically your duty to take the art of prettifying presents seriously.

Does size matter? We’re not ones to judge, but we’ve always believed that when it comes to bows, big is always best.

Here comes the ‘how to’. You can’t really go wrong if you follow our trusted ribbon rule of more is more. But for those who like things more exact, you’ll need approximately four times the diagonal length of the gift. Sticking with the diagonal is key for the perfect Jo Malone London bow.

• First, find the centre point of the ribbon and place it over the top left-hand corner of the box. Pass the even lengths of ribbon under the box towards the bottom right-hand corner.
• Cross the right ribbon over the corner of the box, then the left over the right and underneath it to form a knot.
• Holding the knot in place with your right index finger, make a loop with the ribbon nearest you using your left index finger. Then make a loop with the other ribbon. Cross the right loop over the left loop and pull it through the gap, then tighten.
Pull on the ends and the loops to neaten. Ta dah! You have a bow.

But for those who are all fingers and thumbs, don’t panic. Just pop into one of our boutiques where our stylists will do all the hard work for you. We won’t tell if you don’t.


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