October 1, 2019
Aromatic Astrology


You are feeling exceptionally prosperous this month, Scorpio, and it shows. You cast a spell that most find impossible to resist at the best of times, but with Venus slinking around in your sign – influencing everything – the benefits are obvious to all. You’re sweet as honey one minute, sharp as a lime the next; mellow like amber, invigorating like grapefruit. A perfect rainbow blend for every occasion. Your strength has always been in reading the room and adapting accordingly. But perhaps now is the time to retreat back home and focus on you (with a Peony & Blush Suede Home Candle, no doubt) You’re a natural people-pleaser, but who’s pleasing you? Events on the 26th will answer that question.



Someone has a spring in their step, don’t they, Sagittarius? Some might say it’s Jupiter’s influence, but we suspect it’s all those early nights taking restorative baths in Lime Basil & Mandarin Bath Oil, while you burn a Myrrh & Tonka Home Candle. Clever, cunning you.



With planetary power in the eastern sector of the self, Capricorn, why not get creative in the kitchen? Spice up your life with nutmeg, ginger and plenty of black pepper, and see what happens when you (literally and metaphorically) turn up the heat.



It may or may not be true that you have been rubbing your loved one up the wrong way. Two words: ‘Mercury’ and ‘retrograde’. It’s not your fault. Appease raging temperaments with plenty of mood-pleasing florals. Try dousing yourself in English Pear & Freesia Cologne

You’re sweet as honey one minute, sharp as a lime the next…
a perfect rainbow blend for every occasion’


We sense adventures abroad, Pisces. Mars is in your 9th House, so expect the full rollercoaster. Blend Peony & Blush Suede and Red Roses Travel Candles to remind you of home and keep one excitable foot on terra firma.



With the Sun and Mars powerfully entrenched in your sign, you’re making waves in your career this month, Aries. For meetings, spritz yourself with hypnotic Pomegranate Noir Cologne and become the most irresistible person in the room.



With most of the planets in the upper half of your chart, progress is due for all areas that feel stuck, Taurus. Face adversity like wild achillea would – ready to do battle, but with the sense to know when it’s time to heal.



The new Moon on the 26th would suggest that having a mixed group of friends over for dinner would be as clever as blending Orange Blossom Cologne with Basil & Neroli Cologne – surprisingly successful and succulently sweet. Try it, Gemini.



You are on a mission to just enjoy yourself at the moment, Cancer and we thoroughly approve. With the Sun in your sign until the 26th, late nights will deserve long lie-ins. Quite right too – as long as you scrub off that inertia with invigorating showers and lots of Blackberry & Bay Hand Wash.



Time to stop putting off those home repairs, Leo, Mars in your 4th House demands it. Incorporate several breaks for cups of Earl Grey (or juniper-based drinks of a slightly stronger nature – we’re not naming names #gin).



Venus is in your 5th House and she’s in the mood for a shake-up, Virgo. Ruthlessly throw things out. Fling open the windows. Burn mood-resetting Mimosa & Cardamom Home Candles or Wood Sage & Sea Salt Home Candles, or preferably both at the same time.



When the Sun enters your 3rd House of Communication, Libra, you may wish to finally confront any long-standing conflicts. Take long walks by the sea first. Let the salt air clear your mind – and then go in, all guns blazing.

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