November 1, 2019
Aromatic Astrology


Well, well, well, Sagittarius – is it us, or are you flourishing at the moment? You have an air of the unexpected about you and it can’t all be because Jupiter is in your second Money House at the beginning of the month. It’s like you are channelling the captivating romance of the tuberose, the roguish charm of wild bluebell and the ancient allure of the pomegranate all at once. No wonder you have bewitched everyone who crosses your path. The Solar Eclipse on the 26th will do nothing to diminish your ability to win the hearts and minds of all around you, especially when you wear Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense. But watch out for the moon, whose aspects may throw the odd contentious issue your way. If anyone can make a bad mood disappear with sleight of hand alone, it’s you.



With Jupiter moving into your sign around the 3rd, a new ‘friend’ may enter your life – an explorer, perhaps, or someone who makes your watch disappear. Expect the scent of Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne to accompany this mesmerising stranger, Capricorn.



Your planetary power is now in the eastern sector of your chart, Aquarius, which means you are feeling as independent as a field of lupins. You don’t need to explain your choices to anyone – if you want to leave your own Christmas party in a cloud of mystery, do just that.



Love may become more complicated than Houdini trying to escape from a locked box this month, Pisces. Blame Mercury, which will make things more fiery and explosive than a bowl full of black peppercorns, but just as thrilling.

Sagittarius, you have an air of the unexpected about you


Hemlock leaves look like parsley to the unsuspecting forager, but they deliver a very different result. Aries, you may look as sweet as a freesia, but now’s the time to use all the tricks up your sleeve to deal with any adversaries. A Lime Basil & Mandarin Home Candle is a good peace offering.



You don’t need to understand everything, Taurus. Your Ninth House is powerful this month, triggering a curiosity for the unusual. No one knows why the agarwood tree produces the resin that’s the source of oud, but the magic is in the mystery.



Now you see it, now you don’t. The full moon on the 12th will cause a stir for you emotionally, Gemini, but it will be as fleeting as the potent scent of a jasmine flower picked at dawn.



Good news, Cancer. Saturn and Pluto are finally moving out of your Seventh House, which signals an end to recent mayhem. Expect a flurry of invitations – accept them, and always bring a gift – might we suggest a Pomegranate Noir Diffuser?



Venus has turned up for the second time in your sign this year, Leo. As if by magic, you will receive an apology that you have been waiting on for what feels like longer than the magnolia has been growing on earth (20 million years).



If you have been burning the Pine & Eucalyptus Home Candle at both ends, as we suspect, Virgo, you may need to exit your own social life, like you’ve disappeared through a trap door, until Christmas is over. But you’ll return firing on all cylinders for New Year.



Something extraordinary happens to honeysuckle at midnight. It becomes more potent than ever, and no one knows why. Jupiter in your Fourth House will produce a similar alchemy. Prepare to enter a period of enchantment – lucky, lucky Libra.



Change doesn’t need to be alarming, Scorpio. In fact, it can be exhilarating. Be as open to it as you are to Fragrance Combining. Try Red Roses Body Crème with Blackberry & Bay Cologne – you won’t regret it.


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