October 29, 2019
Aromatic Astrology

You know we love a celebration as much as the next person, Capricorn, but you’re in the mood to restore and replenish after burning the candle at both ends and we get it. With the Sun in transit, you’re feeling the need to accomplish and Mars is sure to help you on your way. If early morning workouts are calling (rather you than us), then be sure to follow with showers with invigorating Cypress & Grapevine Exfoliating Shower Gel to get your day off to a vibrant zing. Clear your mind from the manic festive season, while cooking with plenty of purifying ginger to set you on a path to an even more impressive version of yourself. If you have a wobble and get sick of all this good behaviour, then aim for a blow-out around the 18th when you can put the blame on the full moon of Cancer.

With the Sun in transit, you're feeling the need to accomplish
and Mars is sure to help you on your way

You’re ready to stick to your New Year’s resolutions like glue, Aquarius with the new moon on the 2nd getting you off to a flying start. You’ll be flowering like the Red Roses Cologne you should be wearing right from the word go.

Opportunity is the word of the day for you, Pisces. Mercury in Capricorn means you are feeling as sprightly and fresh as a green hazelnut someone stumbled across in a forest and just as intriguing.

Bumping into old flames can have its benefits, Aries, so with Venus in a retro-phase, you might have to be on your game. Don’t leave the house without scenting yourself with Pomegranate Noir Cologne to ensure you appear as seductive as you do unobtainable.

You, Taurus – for want of a better phrase – are taking the bull by the horns this month. The moon’s activity is encouraging that famous determination of yours, making you more irresistible than a Velvet Rose & Oud Home Candle.

If you feel like you’re not being listened to right now, Gemini, it’s only because Mercury and the Sun are sizing each other up in your sign. Ignore them all in long baths filled with Lime Basil & Mandarin Bath Oil and dream of warmer days to come.

You are looking forward to new beginnings with the bright optimism of a Wild Bluebell, Cancer. That’s thanks to a little helping hand from Mercury. Get your head down and don’t look up until the rewards come flooding in.

Uranus and Saturn are in Taurus and they’re fooling around with your romantic opportunities. Don’t let your head be turned by someone promising trips to frangipani-scented islands.  Unless you see the tickets, in which case, go for it (can we come?).

You may well be feeling the need for greater balance, Virgo and after the festive season, we recommend cancelling plans (don’t tell anyone we said that). Myrrh & Tonka Home Candles give spice to dark wintery nights, so just switch off your phone and make the world wait.

If you’re thinking it’s time to shake things up at work, Libra, now is the time to strike. Mars in Sagittarius will give you a big old confident shove in the right direction and encourage you to blossom like our Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne.

The positive aspects of Mars in your sign this month promise a year full of intrigue, Scorpio and we all know how you love a bit of mystery. Approach the first two weeks with the resilience of an oak and watch the naysayers disappear into the ether.

Rumour has it this is your year, Sagittarius and we couldn’t be happier. That’s not to say you should try to do too much too soon (Mercury transitioning – you know how it is). We suggest a more considered approach – think peonies slowly opening their petals like magnificent powder puffs, wear Peony & Blush Suede Cologne to match.

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