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In celebration of our latest Blossoms Collection, discover what your colour of choice says about you….  

The brightest of all the colours can’t help but have a spring in its step. It suggests energy and the natural radiance of the sun, encouraging growth through its warmth. If you gravitate towards yellow, you’ll love knowledge, not just learning new things, but sharing what you’ve learnt through your effortless ability as a communicator. You tend to tackle things head on with great enthusiasm and determination, but you’re never gung-ho. On the contrary, you are a critical thinker, careful about how all that energy is channelled. The perceptive and logical left side of the brain responds to yellow, which means those who are fond of yellow are often good at solving problems. That’s because yellow encourages clarity of thought. You prefer intimate relationships to large groups – and while close friendships are important to you, you are very self-sufficient, preferring not to lean too much on others.

Your blossom partner of choice: Frangipani Flower Cologne.

The perfect collision between the confident red and optimistic yellow. If you love orange, you’ll usually have a gentle temperament. People find it easy to gravitate towards you, but that doesn’t make you a pushover. Far from it – you are part red, after all, and can be fiery (you would say assertive) when you need to be. You are the life and soul of the party, naturally gregarious and always happy to hold court with your willing audience. Bringing people together comes easily to you, partly due to your love of throwing parties, but also because you are very good at taking people as you find them. This can sometimes mean that you’re hard to pin down in a relationship. Your strong sense of self means that you would rather be alone than in a relationship for the sake of it. You’re a free spirit, who will always defer to your instincts to guide your choices.

Your blossom partner of choice: Orange Blossom Cologne.

What does your colour of choice
say about you?

Compassion, sensitivity and intimacy are synonymous with pink, with the white component softening the sensuality of red to represent a gentler, more nurturing kind of love. Pink is a colour that suggests kindness,  encourages calm and connects us with the innocence of childhood. If you love pink, you’ll have the enviable ability to see the world through child-like eyes. You notice and experience things with a curiosity and freshness. You are a born nurturer, not afraid to show your vulnerability or, indeed, your need to be taken care of. This endearing quality can sometimes mean that you are capable of not looking out for yourself, but you have a strong maternal streak that belies an innate strength. A true romantic at heart, you are a thoughtful, sensitive soul who embraces their femininity. Emotions are uncomplicated to you – and while not everyone will understand that, it’s one of your great charms and the filter through which you experience the world.

Your blossom partner of choice: Silk Blossom Cologne.

The colour of nature, green represents life force, balance and growth – a reassurance that no matter how tough things get, it will all be OK. Green is the perfect antidote to the modern world – it is energy, strength, beauty and everything that makes the natural world bigger and better than us. It blends the optimism of yellow with the insight of blue to create a judicious approach to life. If you were to ask your friends what role you play in their lives, they would say you are their rock, thanks to your loyalty and compassion. Always happiest when you’re part of a group, you have an effervescent social life, filled with people vying for your time. You have a natural ability to strike a balance in your decision-making between the practical and emotional, and are at your best when you exist within a sense of equilibrium. Your internal pendulum will always bring you back to a sense of fairness and harmony. 

Your blossom partner of choice: Star Magnolia Cologne.

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