August 11, 2020
Aromatic Astrology

If you’ve got plans at the moment then now is the time to strike, Virgo. Whether it’s seabound adventures with salt spray and wind whistling through your hair or hilltop excursions to fields full of freesias where the air is filled with their rich, sweet scent, you are restless for adventure. The planets might be having a diva strop with all this retrograde activity, but don’t let that bother you, light a Pomegranate Noir Home Candle and relax. It only puts you in a more immersive frame of mind. Quite right too. You may well feel the urge to flex your creative muscles in the second half of the month and that’s because the Sun is in your 1st house, spurring you on to try out new interests. Have you always wanted to paint? To write? Now is the time to open the door and let that untamed inner artist loose on the world.

Now is the time to open the door and let that untamed
inner artist loose on the world.

You are a sensory spirit, Libra and the Sun crossing your Ascendent is stirring your need to be invigorated. Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne sprayed lavishly on the pulse points should get the ball rolling – the rest is up to you.

We know you like nothing more than to burn the candle at both ends, Scorpio, but Mars moving into your 5th house of health signals a different kind of candle burning. Preferably that of a soothing Lilac Lavender & Lovage Townhouse Candle to help you get an early night.

Not even Mercury going into retrograde on the 27th can quell your romantic heart, Sagittarius. Look out for a handsome stranger with eyes the colour of bluebells smelling of Scarlett Poppy doing a difficult crossword in which your help will be requested. If you don’t know the answer, pretend you do.

With the Moon moving through your 7th house at the start of the month, that charm of yours will prove irresistible to others, Capricorn. Expect mysterious bunches of peonies delivered by admirers or sudden invitations to far-flung lands where frangipani grows. The attention is gloriously relentless.

As autumn pears are picked from trees, so too should you be harvesting the fruits of your labours, Aquarius. Your 9th house is veritably pulsing with power at the moment, which means all that energy you have been putting into extracurricular activities is about to pay off spectacularly.

Less is more, Pisces – and your 8th house is prodding you to clear out things that are not serving you. Yes, it’s time for a hearty de-cluttering. Beautiful things emerge from chaos, like poppies through churned earth, so embrace the madness – who knows what’s coming next? Try pairing your scents for a new lease of life, try Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne with Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense.

Romance can come in many forms, Aries. From outrageous bouquets of velvet roses to quiet nights spent in the gripping embrace of a feverish romantic novel. Suffice to say, your 7th house of love is reaching its annual peak – so whatever that looks like for you, enjoy it.

You really are the one that emerges just at the moment they’re needed most, Taurus. Your services may be required this month, as your 5th house of fun is glowing with activity, to dazzle, cajole, entertain and regale. No one does it better, only potentially improved with a generous spritz of Orange Blossom Cologne.

Family is the focus right now, Gemini – and thankfully, the new Moon on the 6th, will settle any scores that have been brewing. It might transpire that one of your relations has a thrilling secret – if that is the case, you’re about to find out.

Like honeysuckle opening at night to release its sweet scent, activity in your 4th house of career suggests a more covert approach under the shadow of darkness. This is not to be shady, Cancer, but to get the lay of the land. Make your decision once you have quietly acquired all the facts and thought them over with a Red Roses Bath Oil soak.

Abundance is the buzz word of the month for you, Leo. Thanks to Mars moving into your financial house, opportunities are springing up like blackberries in the hedgerows – succulent, tempting and currently everywhere. Now is not the time for prudence – go forth and be cavalier.

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